Top 3 Spring Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

1. Schedule an inspection: The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends inspecting a commercial roof at least twice a year as well as following severe storms. A roofing professional will look for signs of damage, including:
  • Ceiling Stains
  • Damage to fasteners and sealants
  • Issues with the membranes like soft spots, bubbling, punctures or splits
  • Damage to flashings including skylights, perimeters, walls, penetrations, HVAC equipment curbs, and drains
  • Clogged drains and gutters
  • Signs of mold and allege growth
  • Security breaches and vandalism
2. Perform a roof moisture survey: A moisture survey measuring changes in roof materials when water is present should be conducted every five years. They can be taken in various ways including an infrared scan, which measures the amount of heat retained or lost through the insulation since wet insulation transmits heat better than dry. 3. Update and maintain roofing files: The most important tool a building owner can have to protect their commercial roofing asset is information. As the saying goes– knowledge is power! Knowing the current condition, warranty expiration details and when it was last worked on can help you to be proactive in managing your roofing system while ensuring it has a maximum service life. Be sure to keep up-to-date files on any installations, repairs, and changes made to your roof, along with warranties, plans, documentation of repairs, as well as samples of materials, to ensure your roof warranty remains intact. To ensure total control of your roof system, one can use LaFerney Commercial Roofing. We are here you help with every commercial roof problem. Just give us a call at 800-633-3119 or visit our website at
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