Timing is Everything:  Roof Replacement
Workers perform roofing works

Timing is Everything: Roof Replacement

Spring is more than just landscaping…get your roof repaired so you have no worries this summer!

There is nothing like the impending warmer weather to remind us of improvement projects you need to add to our lists for the upcoming Spring season. While Spring oftentimes turns into thoughts of planting new flowers, landscaping, repairing sidewalks and garages, your business deserves more attention than just curb appeal. Winter damage like ice dams, icicles, condensation, and mold are responsible for taking a toll on roofs and Spring is an ideal time to take care of the damage.

In addition, other elements do a number on our roofs such as rain, wind, and ice.  For instance, high winds shear roof shingles, creating acute effects. Another aspect of damage that we underestimate is the freeze/thaw cycle.  Freezing water produces a 9% expansion. The cumulative effect of successive freeze-thaw cycles impedes the aggregate, eventually causing expansion, cracking, scaling, and crumbling of the roof materials. You might not notice the damage harsh winters have caused your roof until Spring arrives.

From the roadside, you can see cracks, buckles, dents, punctures, tears, loose or missing shingles. There are so many roofing problems it is hard to know where to begin.  Even though not everything is intact, landlords and business owners still wait for the warmer weather to schedule their roof replacement.  Look at it this way…if your child is sick, are you going to wait till the summer to have her symptoms checked out? Few of us will let the time slide risking the chance that our child will remain sick or get worse. The same goes for the timing of our roof and getting it repaired before summer is ideal.

LaFerney Commercial Roofing is skilled at finding the right roof to meet the unique needs of each individual building. We have the experience to know when a roof must be recovered or replaced and what roofing system is best for your needs. We offer systems which can be installed at any temperature and with little to no humidity requirements. Don’t put off a needed roofing project until Summer. Contact LaFerney Commercial Roofing to discuss your unique roofing situation. Give us a call for a free estimate  (800) 633-3119.


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