Your Roofing Project Starts Here...

The moment of realization that the leaks and repairs are a costly cycle and a new roof is inevitable can be very daunting. The numerous roofing types can be confusing.  The most popular roof is not always the right roof for your facility. Likewise, the least or even the most expensive roofing material may not be the best choice either.  The skill of the installer is a much more crucial factor. Even the best material installed by a mediocre roofer can fail; however a lower grade material installed by an experienced craftsman can outlast the warranty.  

How do you navigate the vast array and make an educated and informed decision? This doesn't have to be a complicated process. The solutions providers at LaFerney Commercial Roofing do just that for you.  Our expert team is available to guide you every step of the way. 


LaFerney Commercial Roofing has been providing quality solutions to the roofing needs of the Southeastern United States since 1976. We focus on commercial facilities with flat roofs. We know the problems and issues which arise on these roofs - why they occur and how to correct them. Our crews will install a roofing system to mitigate the risk of any of these problems occuring again.


Starting the process is easy - it begins with a phone call.  Simply call us at 800-633-3119 or email to speak with one of solutions providers.  We will set up a time to evaluate your roof. The information gathered during the evaluation is then assessed by our team of experts, reviewed by our engineers, and presented to you. During this presentation we discuss the problems discovered during the evaluation and how we propose to solve them. We are available for questions and are willing to provide any additional information you may need.