Roofing Tips to Prevent Leaks

Roofing Tips to Prevent Leaks

The warmer seasons of spring and summer are full of surprises. Luscious green grass is sprouting, flowers are in bloom, and the temperatures become warmer and more pleasant by the day. But just because spring is composed of surprises, that, unfortunately, doesn’t mean all of those surprises are happy ones. For example, no one wants to see water leaking through their roof at the end of the spring season.  After all, it really is true what they say; although those April showers do bring May flowers, April showers can also mean big problems for your roof. It’s a problem that often comes with great inconvenience and can be costly to repair. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can prevent significant damage to your property before it starts if you know what to do and what to look for. Here are some ways to prevent roof leaks this season.

Keep an Eye on Early Problem Signs

Seeing water inside of the building is often a late sign of a leaky roof. Instead, keep an eye out for early warning signs of roof damage, such as stained ceiling and walls or an overwhelming odor of mold. Not only does extended exposure to water create a discolored area on the wall surface, but mold also grows in moist environments, meaning water is likely frequently entering the building.

Inspect the Roof for Gathered Debris

If you see gravel, leaves, dirt or twigs gathered on your roof, remove them immediately. These items, when left on the roof, can lead to algae and mold forming, which leads to standing water forming, which leads to, you guessed it, roof leaks!

Examine the Roof Surface

Once the debris is cleared from your roof, next perform a visual inspection of how the roof actually looks. If the roof is largely made of rubber or PVC, make sure that holes or cracks have not formed. If your roof is built-up, double check that gravel isn’t missing or felts are not exposed. These minor issues can lead to big problems in the future.

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