Rain and Commercial Roof Leaks

      Our area here in East Tennessee has had more than a few days of rainfall. If your roof has a leak you’re probably grabbing for a bucket and trying to decide who to call to fix the problem. Surely you’d rather be spending your time and budgeted business funds on other things, but your roof system should be a priority especially when it’s in need of some serious attention. Waiting to correctly fix the problem will cost you more later on. What’s worse is it could become hazardous to your employees and customers, or damage your equipment and inventory.

What could be causing the leak?

There are several things that could be causing your commercial roof leak. Many times lack of maintenance and old roof age are part of the problem. Other times it may be poor or clogged drainage, membrane damage, roof penetrations, or damaged flashing. A certified professional roofing expert can pinpoint the culprit, offer a solution, and temporarily stop the leak until service is scheduled to properly correct the problem.

Why choose LaFerney?

If you’re a LaFerney Roofing client, you’re probably already familiar with how we handle a situation like this. You also probably know we take photos before, during, and after each service on your roof system. This keeps you informed and allows you to see what is happening without stepping foot on your rooftop.

Don’t forget we cover the whole Southeast!

To learn more or to report a roof leak, call 800-633-3119 today, or visit laferney.com

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