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"Your company provided us with a comprehensive analysis of the existing condition (of our roof) and more important, a reasonable set of options that allowed us to make the best choice for our investment."
Jim R. - Building Owner
"It has been refreshing to work with an organization that puts customer satisfaction and service as its top priority. To this end you have consistently adopted a positive approach in dealing with any unforeseen challenges and been flexible in reaching a solution."
Paul F. - Project Manager
"While evaluating the different roofing contractors, I asked for a great deal of information because I wanted to understand what I was buying. LaFerney's personnel not only took the time to educate me about roofing, but took me to different locations where they installed roofs throughout the last 10 years. From the beginning, I was impressed with their presentation, knowledge, and ability to understand what I wanted in a new roof system. LaFerney was able to come up with a solution that was not only a long-term fix, but also fell within our budget."
Fred T. - Plant Manager
"When your sales rep called on me, he told us what kind of shape our current roof was in, what they were going to do, and how they were going to do it. Basically, gave me a roofing education. The other roofing companies that I called did not go the extra mile to show me what they were going to do. The proposal your company presented to me, giving me detailed information about our situation and the particular roofing problems that I had, was the deal-clincher. I felt comfortable using your company. Once the roof was installed, I was again impressed with your company. The follow-up inspections after the job was done was a nice, unexpected step. So many companies "take the money and run" so to speak, and it was a refreshing surprise to see your company make sure that we were taken care of after the roof installation."
Jerry S. - Maintenance Manager

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“Your company provided us with a comprehensive analysis of the existing condition (of our roof) and more important, a reasonable set of options that allowed us to make the best choice for our investment.” – Jim R.,  Building Owner. 

“LaFerney has been doing roofing work for us at our Knoxville facility since 2002. They have completed each roof installation in a very efficient, professional, and timely manner.” – Jeff, Plant Engineer

“With each new project that LaFerney undertakes for us, they do a thorough study of the roof and assess what needs to be done and what will best fit the individual needs of that particular facility. They take time to address any questions, concerns, or issues that we may have with each individual roof. With LaFerney, I do not need to oversee each step of the process; I trust them to install the roofs correctly and efficiently with a superior product which allows me great peace of mind.”
– Regional Director of Physical Plants

“We feel LaFerney is very competent in their field of work and have found them to be very punctual in their response to any of our needs.” – Paul, Chief Engineer

“Our prior experience with roofing contractors left us with feelings of disappointment and distrust. I was pleased to see your staff did quite the opposite.  Your installers were hard-working, neat, and very cooperative despite the cold weather conditions they had to endure. We have two buildings which sit side by side. It is not difficult to determine which roof was subject to the higher quality of installation.” -Norman J. , Manager

“Because of LaFerney’s expertise and exceptional service, we have continued our relationship with them as our roofing contractor. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others looking for a qualified roofing contractor who will give them excellent service during and after installation.” – Steve L., Maintenance Manager

“LaFerney provided the services of a structural engineer to determine the scope of the peril replacement. They executed this work over the Fourth of July holiday period in response to our 24/7 production schedule. LaFerney’s crews were invisible to our organization, conducting their work in a safe manner and they finished the job on time.” –  Kevin F., Maintenance Manager

“All I need to do is pick up the phone and they service our company extremely well – and at a moment’s notice. Their sales and service people are exemplary.” –  John, Manager

“I was pleased with the way LaFerney came in and made plans. They assisted me with organizing and implementing this plan and kept a timetable consistent to the original installation time frame we discussed. They were thorough in their methods to keep from interrupting or contaminating our process throughout the installation. They also worked well with my staff to coordinate the installation of the roof system.” – Rob W., Maintenance Manager

“LaFerney delivered our roofing project on time and on budget. We have been provided with peace of mind.” – Bonnie, Owner.

“After personally inspecting our new roofing system, we feel like we have made an excellent choice! Our new roof is appealing to the eye and we are very impressed with the amount of detail that goes into the installation of this roofing system. As promised, our energy costs were lowered which pleases our renters! I am confident that this roof will last well beyond its 15 year factory warranty. LaFerney rates at the top in my book! It is refreshing to work with an organization that puts customer satisfaction and service as its top priority.” – Judi D., Property Owner

“Now that the roof is installed, and has been for three months, we can see a significant drop in the temperature under the areas where you installed the single-ply PVC roof.  Our employees can definitely tell the difference. We were also pleasantly surprised when your completed the project before expected. That has never happened to us before. We felt that your follow-thru on the whole process, from beginning to end was great.” –  Eddie F., Maintenance Supervisor

An “unexpected benefit we received from the single-ply PVC roof was cooler temperatures inside of our warehouse. Our warehouse is at least 10-12 degrees cooler with the new roof. This solved a safety issue for our company, of high temperatures inside our warehouse. Now, we don’t have to worry about that problem anymore. Your company (LaFerney) did exactly what they said they were going to do. You handled all the Factory Mutual insurance concerns, and saved our company money. Your crews got in, got the job done, and got out, without any disruption to production.”  – Chris, Project Engineer

“LaFerney installed our first section of roof in the spring…in the summer we checked the inside temperature at the ceiling in the manufacturing area where we installed the single-ply PVC membrane. We found a 28-degree temperature drop in the temperature from the previous summer! We knew there would be a decline in the temperature, but this drastic of a decline was an unexpected benefit. Since the area is not air-conditioned, this provided our employees with comfortable working conditions. To date, LaFerney has installed approximately 102,000 square feet of single-ply PVC roofing on our facility.”  – Plant Manager

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