Internal Gutters

One of the most prevalent concerns for the roof centers around the internal gutters. Internal gutters show signs of open seams and fatigue cracks. These are common problems, but problems that are not easily repaired. The problems are generally a result of installation error where not enough accommodation for thermal movement was provided, or the placement - or lack thereof - of expansion joints.  A proper repair is difficult to achieve due to moisture and debris trapped within the open seam. The prohibits the new solder from holding properly.  
Drainage is also a concern within the internal gutters. If the gutter or drain becomes so clogged with debris, the water will back-up in the gutter, overflowing the gutter walls and running into the building. LaFerney Commercial Roofing has found during our nearly four decades of experience, a solution for internal gutter concerns. This solution is optimal for the majority of the internal gutters.

Internal Gutter Concern

Internal Gutter Solution

Overflow of water from internal gutter Fully line gutter with LaFerney Defender membrane, making it part of the roof assembly with no open area for water to enter the facility. 
Relative movement of gutter
Installation of the LaFerney Defender system to accommodate relative movement yet remain durable. The system is designed for metal roof recovery.
The LaFerney Defender membrane becomes a monolithic piece with few field seams. The majority of the seams are created in a controlled factory environment. The heat weld method is not as susceptible to temperature and humidity requirements as other methods.
Leaks at drain edge The LaFerney Defender system offers a unique drain boot. This mitigates the risk of any leak at the drain area. 
Debris in drain A dome strainer is placed over each drain. This helps keep drain clogging debris out of the drain so water flows properly off the roof.  


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