Industrial Buildings

Industiral, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities are excellent candidates for a durable single-ply PVC membrane roof. Given the typical square footage and out-of-town locations of these types of facilities, the ability to withstand winds and other environmental factors are a must. LaFerney Commercial Roofing offers a highly reflective PVC membrane with optional skylights, designed for a water-tight fit and use with the PVC membrane. The natural light skylights provide a much needed boost for the building occupants.  

LaFerney Commercial Roofing offers solutions to meet bugetary and planning needs -simply ask one of our roofing consultants to assist. We will plan your installation - right down to any additional safety requirments needed for your facility. Our low life-cycle cost roofing systems are also low maintenance and  installed with minimal disruption. In most instances, daily activities may continue as usual - saving frustration, time, and money.  To see how your facility can benefit the most, please give one of our solutions providers a call at 800-633-3119.

Industrial, Manufacturing, and Warehouse Roofs