LaFerney Commercial Roofing often recommends a single-ply PVC membrane for hotels. Prefabricated is an available option. Based on each building's unique measurements, a precise fit is guaranteed. The prefabrication allows for 80-85% of the membrane seams to be sealed under ideal conditions, therefore reducing the risk of leaks substantially. Prefabrication of stack and curb flashing eliminates the risk of leaks and the amount of rooftop labor. This roofing system is durable and accommodates wide temperature extremes and is water-tight - resisting ponding water. In addition, the installation is quiet and safe in comparison to other systems. In many instances, this new system can be installed over the existing roof, eliminating tear-off and landfill expenses. No loud machinery, hazardous materials, fumes, hot tar, or other typical messes. LaFerney Commercial Roofing can install this roofing system with minimal disruption to daily operations or guests.  This system also offers one of the best warranties in the industry with no exclusion for ponding water. For more information, or for a free evaluation, please call 1-800-633-3119, or email

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