Your Solution to Grease and Oils: The Defender

For industrial facilities and restaurants, grease and oil are simply par for the course, however, not all roofing systems are compatible with these substances. Incompatibility can lead to premature roofing failure and/or a warranty being deemed void by the manufacturer.  At LaFerney Commercial Roofing, we take the time to insure the roof we install is compatible with any substance which will be in routine contact with your roof. 

The LaFerney Defender Series offers membrane roofs which are highly puncture resistant and impervious to acids, petroleum products, and most caustic chemicals in addition to the substances listed in the chart below. 
 If your facility has a concern with a substance not listed below, make your sales consultant aware to be certain the proper Defender is selected to meet your unique needs.


Acids (Most) Fertilizer Solution Masonry Cleaner
Acrylic Paint Fiberglass Mat Muriatic Acid
Animal Fats (Lard) Fruit Juice Oleic Acid
Bleach Furnace Residue Petroleum Products (Oil)
Caustic Chemicals (most) Hydrogen Peroxide Phosphoric Acid
Copper Sulfate Lard (Animal Fats) Polypropylene
Detergent Solution Latex Paint Sodium Hydroxide
Ferric Chloride Linseed Oil Zinc Chloride



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