How water is removed from a roof is as imporant as the product selected to protect it. LaFerney Commercial Roofing uses only approved materials to complete each roofing project. Drains are a frequent source of leaks. The use of approved materials insures cohesion among the elements,eliminating the risk of complications due to incompatiable products. All liners for the drainage components are made from reinforced membrane and prefabricated for watertightness that lasts. The prefabrication eliminates welds performed on the roof. The circular drain features a double-weld boot for optimal leak protection. 

Scuppers are a channel through a parpaet which is designed for draingage of the roof. Usually this peripheral drainage is an overflow feature which is designed to reduce the accumulation of ponding water. Conductor heads are designed to compliment scuppers. Conductor heads collect the water from the scupper and direct it into a downspout. Both conductor heads and scuppers should be kept clean and free of debris. Debris in a conductor head, as pictured in the slide show, render the apparatus ineffective and can lead to damaging ponding water