Educational Facilities

LaFerney's Nearly Invisible Installation provides the ideal solution for schools and other educational facilities. The minimal disruption allows for no gaps in instruction time, a benefit to both faculty and students. Minimal noise and little to no noxious odors are also a strong benefit. Class days may continue as usual in the majority of instances. 


With budgetary concerns and funding cuts,  durability and low life-cycle costs are becoming more and more important. LaFerney Commercial Roofing offers a roofing system with superior durability, high wind resistance, and one of the best warranties in the industry. LaFerney Commercial Roofing only works with manufacturers who completely uphold their warranties. This is for the protection of our customers. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. 

Safety concerns are all addressed and met for the protection of everyone involved. Not only does LaFerney Commercial Roofing adhere to OSHA requirements, but a strict internal safety protocol is implemented. Any customer required safety measures will be met, whether it be additional training certifications, fencing, or hard-hats.  Safety of students and staff is of optimal importance. 

A full evaluation of the roof is performed by one of our expert roofing consultants. Needs are fully evaluated and discussed. LaFerney Commercial Roofing does not just show up to put a roof on, a full solution is provided with consideration given to past problems and future needs. 

Solutions for Schools